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Specifying the JOB statement and information about REGION parameter

The JOB statement starts with a job name, and includes standard JOB statement parameters such as accounting information and a name that identifies the run. For example:


//LMDB2RUN JOB(acctngInfo),'prgmmrInfo',CLASS=A
//         REGION=0M,MSGLEVEL=(1,1)
//         USER=DB2DBA,PASSWORD=passWord

If you generate a job through the online interface, Log Master saves this information with your ISPF profile and restores it whenever you log on with the same TSO user ID.

REGION parameter

The REGION parameter in JCL, in conjunction with the System Management Facility (SMF) parameter MEMLIMIT, establishes the maximum limit on the memory that a job can use.

Include a REGION parameter in your JOB statement if you need to specify an amount of memory available to the job. If you omit the REGION parameter from the JOB statement, you can include it in the EXEC statement.

BMC Software recommends that you specify one of the following values for the REGION parameter:

  • 0 (as 0M or 0K)

    This value automatically allocates the maximum amount of memory that is allowed for a job in your environment.

  • At least 50M

    In some environments, individual users are not permitted to set REGION to 0M, or entering a value of 0M results in an amount of allocated memory less than 50M.

In either case, ensure that the operating system allocates at least 50M of virtual storage to your Log Masterjobs. You might need to specify a value greater than 50M depending on which types of output your job creates, how many different types of output it creates, or the number of log records that the job scans. For more information about your jobs and the REGION parameter, see Defining a log scan step.


If all of the following conditions exist, Log Master might terminate abnormally when it attempts to access virtual storage above the bar:

  • You do not specify a value of 0 for the REGION parameter.

  • Your environment does not change the default value for the MEMLIMIT parameter in SMF.

For more information, see Setting the MEMLIMIT parameter.

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