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Specifying the EXEC statement

The EXEC statement specifies the load module (ALPMAIN) for Log Master.

This statement includes the parameters described in this section and has the following format:

//     PARM='ssid,,MSGLEVEL(msgLevel),ALPOPTS(optsMod)'

A Log Master EXEC statement includes the following parameters. The first two parameters are positional; you must specify them in the order shown. The remaining parameters are not positional.

  • A utility ID (utilityID), reserved for future use

    The utility ID is not used, but you must honor its position.

  • (optional) message level parameter (msgLevel)

  • (optional) alternate installation options module (optsMod) for the job

The following example shows two EXEC statements. The first statement specifies an SSID value and an alternate installation options module, but not the message level. The second statement specifies an SSID value and a message level, but not an alternate installation options module.


//         PARM='DB2A,,MSGLEVEL(2)'

This section contains the following topics:

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