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Report definition

This topic describes the Report definition syntax of the DROPRECOVERY statement.

Use the syntax in the following figure to specify a report template and an output location for the report that Log Master generates.

DROPRECOVERY report syntax diagram


Directs Log Master to format the generated report by using a report template that is stored in an external data set or in the Log Master Repository. If you do not specify a template, Log Master uses a standard report format.

To create a report template, use the Log Master online interface to define the template. Use options in the interface to export the template into a data set or store it in the Repository. Log Master stores the report template in the form of XML elements and attribute values.

The report type that you specify in your job or job step must match the report type defined in the template. A template reflects the report options that were selected when the template was created. To change the options, you must modify the template.

DATASETDefines a data set that contains a template that Log Master uses to format the generated report. The data set must contain a valid Log Master report template.
IDDefines the identity of a template in the Log Master Repository. Log Master uses the template to format your generated report. To use a template from the Repository, the template must have been created in or imported into the Repository on the DB2 subsystem (SSID) where your job or job step runs. To use the same template on multiple subsystems, export the template to a data set.
DATASET Output definition

Directs Log Master to place the Drop Recovery report in a data set. When you specify the DATASET keyword, you also must specify the data set name and disposition. The output choices for this data set are the same as those for other product data sets. For more information, see LOGSCAN output definition.

SYSOUT SYSOUT definition

Directs Log Master to send the Drop Recovery report to the Job Entry System (JES) spool queue (known as SYSOUT). For more information about specifying JES SYSOUT parameters, see SYSOUT definition.

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