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Overview of work IDs

A work ID is an entity defined within Log Master that groups together the specifications of one Log Master job. Work IDs define the input source, time frame, filter (or WHERE clause), the various types of job output, and other items.

Work IDs help you to identify and track the activities that you perform with Log Master. When you select certain action items from a panel, Log Master assigns a default work ID and displays it through the interface. After you perform a task, and choose to exit the task dialog, Log Master prompts you to save your selections under a work ID.

Log Master requires work IDs for all jobs created by using the online interface. If you create a job using JCL and the batch interface, the work ID is not required unless your job includes an ongoing log scan.


Assume that you need to create a job to print a report of all accounting transactions that took place in January. You can save each selection that you make through the online interface for this task in a work ID. Later, you can edit the work ID to change how you search for transactions, to add another report to the list of generated output, or to revise the time frame, perhaps searching for a different month.


Internally, Log Master keeps track of all job steps and actions by using a combination of a job’s user ID and work ID. BMC strongly recommends that you define different jobs with a unique combination of user ID and work ID, particularly if you run multiple jobs concurrently, or if you define any jobs as ongoing processes.

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