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Overview of log scans

A log scan is the process of searching an input source for log records. In Log Master, the log scan step determines how Log Master scans the Db2 log for input, and the kind of output that the job creates.

The following table describes the parts of a log scan step:

Part of a log scan step



Time frame (required)

Controls the range and the input source of the log scan

Log Master uses the input source for all of the log scans in the current work ID. You must specify a time frame to create a valid log scan step.

Filter (optional)

Enables you to select a subset of log records within the range of a time frame

Though not required, in practice, most log scans include a filter.

Report or output file definitions (required)

Enable you to define forms of output for your selected task

For example, you can define an Audit report when you perform an audit on a select group of transactions. You can generate UNDO SQL to back out application transactions. Similarly, you can define MIGRATE DDL to move object structure definitions.

You must specify at least one form of output (a report or an output file) to create a valid log scan step.

Log mark (optional)

A name, defined within Log Master, that refers to a specific point in the Db2 log

You can create log marks either as part of a log scan step, or as a separate log mark step.

Run time options (optional)

Determine several characteristics of a work ID, and apply to all steps in a work ID

For example, a run time option determines whether Log Master processes Db2 catalog log records as part of the log scan steps included in the work ID.

Some run time options are influenced by installation options. The Log Master online interface displays a subset of the run time options when you create a work ID using some options in the Actions category of the Main Menu. To display more run time options, create or edit a work ID by selecting Create or Edit Work IDs from the Main Menu.

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