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Overview of automated drop recovery

Log Master helps to automate the recovery of objects that have been dropped from the DB2 catalog. Using information in the DB2 log, Log Master can create several types of output, depending on the type of recovery that you request. You also have the option of creating Job Control Language (JCL) statements that run the different forms of output in the correct order to accomplish the recovery.

Best Practice

BMC strongly recommends that you use the Log Master online interface to define your automated drop recovery work ID. This work ID creates the forms of output that enable Log Master, working with a recover utility, to recover dropped objects.

Log Master works with the following recover utilities:

  • RECOVER PLUS to recover table spaces and tables

  • DSN1COPY to recover a single dropped table space


The DB2 Recover utilities that Log Master works with do not support the recovery of “versioned” dropped objects that were altered but not reorganized. For information about limitations and special handling for recovery of versioned objects, see the documentation for your Recover utility.

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