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BMC AMI Recover features that Log Master uses

Log Master can use the BMC AMI Recover product or DSN1COPY to recover dropped Db2 objects. However, Log Master supports the use of DSN1COPY only to recover a single dropped table space.

Log Master can generate SYSIN syntax that controls how BMC AMI Recover performs the actual recovery. Depending on how you define your automated drop recovery work ID, Log Master can take advantage of the following BMC AMI Recover features:

  • The OUTCOPY feature optionally builds output image copies during the recovery.

  • The INDEP OUTSPACE feature can be used for the recovery of a dropped table.

  • The OBIDXLAT feature translates object identifiers (OBIDs) from the original table space to the recovered table space.

For more information about how to define this form of output, see Generating drop recovery output.

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