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LOGSCAN search condition definition

Use this syntax to define the data that Log Master includes in the output of your LOGSCAN statement.

A search condition can contain a simple filter predicate, multiple filter predicates, or a combination of filter predicates and additional search conditions. Use standard SQL syntax to combine multiple filter predicates and search conditions.

The following figure shows the Search condition definition syntax used in the WHERE clause of the LOGSCAN statement.

Filter predicate

A simple filter predicate defines one condition that will control log scan output. For more information, see Filter predicate.

Search condition definition

Search conditions can include additional, nested search conditions. All nested search conditions must conform to the syntax rules defined in this section.


Use the AND keyword, the OR keyword, or the NOT keyword to join multiple search conditions or filter predicates. These keywords work the same as logical operators in standard SQL syntax.

This section contains the following topics:

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