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LOGMARK statement

Use the LOGMARK statement to associate a symbolic name (called a log mark name) with the current RBA/LRSN value of the DB2 log.

You can use the log mark name in subsequent product syntax in place of the RBA/LSRN value. Log Master stores information about log marks in the ALPMARK table in the Repository.

The following figure shows the LOGMARK statement syntax.

LOGMARK logMarkName

Specifies a name that Log Master associates with the RBA/LRSN. For more information about log marks and log mark names, see MARK logMarkName.

DESC 'description'

Defines an optional, 65-character text string. Use the text description to store any comments that you want to associate with the log mark name.

QUIESCE (databaseName.tableSpaceName)

Directs Log Master to use the DB2 Quiesce utility to generate a quiesce point for the table spaces defined by databaseName. tableSpaceName. Log Master associates the log mark name with the RBA/LRSN of the quiesce point. Separate multiple table spaces with commas.

The TABLESPACESET keyword directs Log Master to establish a quiesce point for the specified table spaces, all referentially related table spaces, and any related large object (LOB) table spaces or base table spaces that are not part of the referential integrity set.

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