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LOGMARK DELETE statement (PTF BQU2282 applied)

The LOGMARK DELETE deletes current and previous generations of specified LOGMARK entries from the repository.

The following figure shows the LOGMARK DELETE statement syntax.

markNameSpecifies the name of a log mark to delete. You can use a wildcarded to specify the name.

For the specified mark, deletes generations as follows (included only for readability):

  • ALLDeletes all the generations
  • CURRENTDeletes the current generation
  • PRIORDeletes all generations that precede the current one

Deletes log marks that were created before a specified time or a specified number of days:

  • AGE(numberOfDays) Deletes log marks for the specified mark name that are older than the specified number of days. Valid values for numberOfDays are 0 through 32,767.
  • RBA | LRSN x’byteString Deletes log marks that were created before a specific RBA/LRSN. The byte string can be 12 characters long and extended RBAs/LRSNs can be up to 20 characters long. You can use the following format: RBA X’nnnnnnnnnnnn’.
  • OLDEST ARCHIVE Deletes log marks that were created before the starting timestamp value for the oldest archive log file defined in the bootstrap data set (BSDS) of the current DB2 subsystem.
  • DATE/TIME Deletes log marks that were created before the specified date and time. Use any of the supported date and time formats. For more information about date and time formats, see Range definition.
REPORT ONLYReports only the selected rows for the specified mark name. No records are deleted.
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