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Log only drop recovery

Some environments use methods other than RECOVER PLUS and image copies to perform the initial recovery of dropped objects, and then direct RECOVER PLUS to use only data from log records to complete the recovery.

If you specify Y in the Use LOGONLY option field of the Generate Automated Drop Recovery panel, Log Master assumes that you use your own methods (for example, backups outside of DB2) to perform the initial recovery. The product issues message BMC097667 as it generates the JCL for the automated drop recovery, stating LOG ONLY SPECIFIED.

Log Master cannot automate the drop recovery action because you must modify the JCL before executing the automated drop recovery. In the JCL generated by Log Master, insert a step to recover the dropped objects using the methods available in your environment. Insert the step as follows:

  • After the job step (named STOPCMNDS) that stops the table spaces to be recovered

  • Before the subsequent job step (named RECOVER)

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