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As you install Log Master, one of the installation jobs places a CLIST named ALPISPF in the HLQ.DBCLIB library (or to a different library specified during installation).

To run the Log Master online interface, execute ALPISPF in one of the ways described in this section. In all examples, clistLibName is the name of the data set where ALPISPF exists and ssid is the identifier of the DB2 subsystem where Log Master will run.

To execute from ISPF Option 6, enter one of the following TSO commands, depending on whether you want to pass the DB2 subsystem ID (SSID):

EX 'clistLibName(ALPISPF)' 

EX 'clistLibName(ALPISPF)' 'SSID (ssid)'

To execute from an ISPF panel, add an option to the panel that executes ALPISPF. For example, if you use LM as the option name, enter one of the following lines in the panel definition, depending on whether you want to pass the SSID:

LM, 'CMD(EX 'clistLibName(ALPISPF)')' 

LM, 'CMD(EX 'clistLibName(ALPISPF)' 'SSID(ssid)' )'

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