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Log Master architecture

The following figure shows how Log Master components interact during processing:
  • You initiate Log Master actions through the online interface.

  • By specifying time frames and filters, you can scan the data that is available in active and archive logs, and generate a logical log. You can also save the logical log file.

  • Log Master can generate a variety of reports and other types of output, including SQL statements and load files.


    As you choose actions through the online interface, Log Master specifies certain reports and output by default. You can change these defaults or specify additional reports and output.

  • The High-speed Apply Engine that is distributed with Log Master handles SQL that Log Master or any other SQL generator produces. High-speed Apply can also apply logical log files that Log Master generates.

  • Load files that Log Master generates can be processed by the IBM Load utility or the BMC LOADPLUS for DB2 product.

Overview of Log Master components

Log Master (including the High-speed Apply Engine) is also a component of the Recovery Management for Db2 solution. The Recovery Management for Db2 solution integrates the features of Log Master and the following BMC products:

  • BMC AMI Recovery Manager for Db2

  • BMC AMI Recover for Db2

  • BMC AMI Copy for Db2 


Customers who acquire this solution benefit from the features of these individual products and from additional features that are available only with the solution. For more information about the solution-only features, see the  Recovery Management for Db2 documentation .

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