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Layout of records in load files

Each record in an output load file represents a log record selected by your filter and time frame.

In addition to the row image (or images) of the log record, Log Master includes additional informational columns to give context to the record. The following paragraphs summarize the layout of an output load file record.

  • Load record header

    The header contains all of the additional informational columns that Log Master includes with the log record. The length and content of the header varies depending on the values of the INFO COLUMNS or URID FIELDS keywords. For more information, see INFO COLUMNS.

  • Row image

    Depending on the type of database action that the load record represents, and the value of the UPDATES keyword, the content of the row image is as follows:

    • Insert action—an image of the inserted row

    • Delete action—an image of the deleted row

    • Update action—an image of the row after the update is completed

    • Mass delete action—an image with all default column values

    • Exchange action—an image with the same load column information leading to the record type, followed by the clone table creator and the clone table name


      The format of the exchange record is different than the rest of the load records because it does not have the column values.

    • Additional row image (when required)

      If the load record represents an update action, the record includes another row image that contains the before image of the row.

The UPDATES keyword determines the position and content of the row image (or images) in an output load file. The following figure shows the layout of row images for each value of the UPDATES keyword.

Load file record layout for different UPDATES values

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