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Installation options

When you install Log Master, the Installation System generates a customized installation data set that contains all of the jobs that install Log Master into your Db2 environment. One of these jobs establishes the installation option values (also known as DOPTs) for Log Master.

The $C30DOPT member of the installation data set contains a job that runs an assembler program. The program uses an options macro to establish the installation processing values for Log Master. You can tailor the installation options of the product, including changing plan names, by overriding the installation options.

When you submit the generated job that contains the installation options, it assembles and links this option macro call to create the ALP$OPTS load module. This module resides in the APF-authorized library that you designated during installation.

If you change any installation option values after Log Master has been installed, you must rerun the installation job for these changes to take effect.

If you have previously installed Log Master and want to keep the same installation option values, you can take one of the following actions:

  • Gather your existing option values before you start to install, and then enter the same values as you run the Installation System.

  • Use the options migration feature of the Installation System. For more information about options migration, see the Installation System documentation  or the Customizing BMC Products and Solutions for DB2 documentation .

Log Master can also read a product options file (POF) to obtain certain default values for the Log Master online interface. For more information about this optional file, see ALPOFDSN=.

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