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Installation of the High-speed Apply Engine

High-speed Apply Engine is automatically installed when you install Log Master and the Recovery Management for DB2 solution.

You can also install High-speed Apply separately by selecting it from the list in the Installation System. The High-speed Apply Engine honors passwords for Log Master, the Recovery Management for DB2 solution, or itself.


If installed separately, High-speed Apply cannot process logical log input that contains data definition language information called DDL objects. To activate this capability, contact BMC Customer Support.

For data migration, Log Master for DB2 includes versions of the High-speed Apply Engine that run on distributed systems (UNIX or Windows) against target databases under either the IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (LUW) or Oracle. To install these versions, use the CD-ROM that is distributed with Log Master. For more information, see the High-speed Apply Engine documentation .

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