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Displaying Unicode characters

Log Master supports Unicode characters in DB2 object names and column data as described in this section.

For more information about how Log Master handles Unicode characters in output files, see the section about Considerations for output files and Unicode.

In input from the online interface, Log Master accepts EBCDIC characters and translates them to Unicode when the context requires it; for example, in Unicode DB2 object names, or in Unicode column data.

In output to the online interface, Log Master displays Unicode in one of the following ways:

  • Translates Unicode characters to EBCDIC whenever possible

    For untranslatable characters, Log Masterr displays a substitute character as defined by the applicable CCSID conversion information; for example, x'3F', which appears as a space on most output devices.

  • Displays Unicode characters in the format used to previously enter them (the hexadecimal representation of the UTF-8 values for all characters in the string, as described in this section)

To enter Unicode object names or column data through the online interface

Enter the equivalent EBCDIC characters.

For untranslatable Unicode characters, enter the hexadecimal representation of the UTF-8 values for all characters in the string. Log Master provides support for this capability in selected online interface fields.


Assume that you have the following column value, where * represents an untranslatable character:


To enter this column value through the online interface, specify the following hexadecimal values:


In this example, 'E4B883' is an untranslatable character. After you enter a Unicode constant or Unicode object name in the hexadecimal UTF-8 format, the Log Master online interface displays this format on all panels (shown in the following figure.)

 Column Name Value panel (Unicode character entry)

                              Column Name Value                         
Operator . . . : Equal                                                  
Type the desired value. Press F3 when done.                             
Value . . . X'4143434F554E542DE4B883'                                   
 F1=Help     F3=Exit    F12=Cancel

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