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Displaying long Db2 object names

Log Master  accommodates the maximum length of Db2 object names available in Db2 Version 8.1 and later. To provide this support without extensive changes to existing online interface panels, Log Master supports 'zoomable' fields and an accompanying function key (F4) for the zoom function.

When an existing object name is longer than the field used to view or edit it, Log Masterdisplays a truncated name in the field. By default,

Log Master indicates a truncated name by displaying the >> characters at the end of the field. 

In the following example of Column Name Value panel (long Db2 object names), Log Master displays a table and column name that are longer than the allotted panel fields.

                              Column Name Value   
Operator . . . : Greater Than
Type the desired value. Press F3 when done.                             
Value . . . 75000000                                       
F1=Help F3=Exit F12=Cancel

The >> characters and their position at the end of a field are product default values. Use the TRCHARS and TRPOS installation options to control the content and position of the character string that indicates truncated names.

If at least one field on a panel or pop-up supports the zoom function, Log Master displays the F4= Zoom prompt in the PFSHOW key list on the panel.

Before you begin

Determine whether the current Db2 subsystem supports the name lengths that you enter through the online interface.

To display long names with the zoom function

  1. Position the cursor within a zoomable field, and then press F4.

    Log Master displays a pop-up or a full-size ISPF panel where you can view or edit the object name.

  2. If the original field is editable, enter or change the name through the pop-up or panel.

    If you view or edit an existing object name that is longer than 64 characters,

    Log Master displays the full-size panel, where you can use the maximum currently usable name length for the object.

    If you view or edit an existing object name that is 64 characters or less in length, or if you are entering a new object name,

    Log Master displays the pop-up shown in the following figure:

                            Table Name Value
    Command ===>                                                    
    Table Name . . .:                                               
    _ Expand to maximum size
  3. (optional) To expand the pop-up to a full-size panel, type Y in the Expand to maximum size field, and then press Enter.
  4. For editable fields on the pop-up or the full-size panel, press F3 or press F12 as follows:
    • To save your object name and return to the previous panel, press F3.

    • To return without saving the object name, press F12.

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