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Defining a log scan step

This section provides instructions, examples, and tips for using the online interface to define a log scan step.

The following table summarizes the tasks necessary to create a log scan step, and provides references to procedures for completing each task:




Specify log filter criteria (optional)

Select Specify Log Filter Criteria to specify search criteria based on a unit of recovery, a specific database object, or specific data.

Filter specification is optional, but for practical purposes most log scans include a filter. You can specify filters using a Structured or Free Form interface.

Specify time frame, input source (required)

Select Specify Time Frame and/or Input Source or Input Source, or both, to specify the set of log records that constitutes the range of the log scan, and specify the input source that the product scans for log records.

Defining a time frame

Define report and file outputs (required)

Select Define Report And File Outputs to create reports of selected transactions, or generate an SQL file, a logical log file, a load file, or a DDL file.

Define a log mark (optional)

Select Define Log Mark to name a point on the log.

Defining a log mark in a log scan step

Specify run time options (optional)

Select Specify Run Time Options to define options that apply to all steps in a work ID.

Save the work ID, or generate JCL (optional)

Select Work ID Options, JCL Generation to save the work ID or generate JCL.

You can generate JCL for batch submission by selecting Generate JCL from the Work ID File Menu.

Before you begin
  • Ensure that you understand the concepts presented in this section and in Getting started.

  • Be aware of the following points:

    • When using a task dialog to define a log scan step, as described in this section, you can define only a single log scan step and one filter association.

    • To define multiple log scan steps, or to add additional filter associations, from the Main Menu, select 20. Create and Edit Work IDs, and open the work ID that you want to edit. Using this option enables you to review the log scan step for a work ID or to generate a list of other work IDs.

    • To specify default values that Log Master can use for all log scan steps that you create, select 41. Product Options from the Main Menu.

This section also contains the following topics:

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