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Db2 catalog migration considerations

As you implement new Db2 versions, you must migrate the Db2 catalog from compatibility mode through enabling-new-function mode to new-function mode

Log Master runs in all catalog modes, with the following limitations:

  • In enabling-new-function mode, you cannot read log records of changes to the Db2 catalog. For example, the following actions are not available in this mode because they require Log Master to read Db2 catalog log records:

    • Generating a DDL output file

    • Running in overtime mode and encountering Db2 catalog activity

    • Generating a Catalog Activity report

    • Updating the Repository with object structure definitions (REPOS UPDATE)

    Functions that do not require the product to read Db2 catalog log records are available in enabling-new-function mode.

  • After the Db2 catalog is migrated to new-function mode, you cannot read Db2 catalog log records that were created in compatibility mode before the migration. If you attempt to read such log records, the product can terminate abnormally or generate invalid data based on the log records.

These limitations apply only to jobs that read log records of Db2 catalog changes. If your jobs do not read log records of changes to the Db2 catalog, you can run BMC AMI Log Master for Db2 normally, regardless of the Db2 catalog mode.

To ensure optimal Log Master processing as you migrate the Db2 catalog, BMC Software makes the following recommendations:

  • If your Log Master jobs read Db2 catalog log records, limit the amount of time that you spend in enabling-new-function mode.

  • Execute and successfully complete all jobs that read Db2 catalog log records before you leave compatibility mode. This practice is particularly important for any ongoing jobs.

  • Before you run CATMAINT, stop any DDL or DSNDB06 extraction processes. Resume the processes after running CATMAINT, but skip the CATMAINT log records.

    CATMAINT updates the Db2 catalog differently than normal DDL processing. Because the order does not match its DDL generation expectations, Log Master might misinterpret the logging by CATMAINT. Using Log Master to process CATMAINT log records might result in errors or abends.

  • After you enter new-function mode, use Log Master syntax to reset the start point of any ongoing jobs that read Db2 catalog log records. For more information, see the RESET keyword of the LOGSCAN statement.

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