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Creating a batch job from a work ID

This procedure explains how to create a batch job from the information in a work ID.

Before you begin

Ensure that you understand the concepts presented Overview of work IDs.

To create a batch job from a work ID

  1. Open the work ID that you want to edit, and access the Work ID Maintenance panel.

    For more information, see Creating and accessing a work ID.

  2. Press F3.

    Log Master displays the Work ID File Menu.

  3. From the Work ID File Menu, select Generate JCL and press Enter.

    Log Master displays the Generate JCL panel (see following figure). For descriptions of the options on this panel, press F1 to access the online Help.

     GENJCL ============================= Generate JCL =============================
     Command ===> _______________________________________________  Scroll ===> HALF
                                                                         SSID: DB2R
     Work ID . . : ABC.ACCTREDO
     Description : 2013-01-19 16.39.05 REDOSQL OUTPUT
     Press Enter to generate JCL to a temporary dataset otherwise specify the
     name of the output dataset for the JCL generation (including member name
     if partitioned) then press Enter
     Dataset Name. . . ________________________________________________________
     If partitioned, replace existing member . . . Y  (Y=Yes, N=No)
     Job Statement Information . . .
     1.  ________________________________________________________________________
     2.  ________________________________________________________________________
     3.  ________________________________________________________________________
     4.  ________________________________________________________________________
     5.  ________________________________________________________________________
     DB2 Steplibs . . .
     1.  DB2.DSNLOAD__________________________________
     2.  DB2.DSNEXIT__________________________________
     3.  _____________________________________________
     BMC Steplibs . . .
     1.  product.libraries____________________________
     2.  _____________________________________________
     3.  _____________________________________________
     4.  _____________________________________________
     5.  _____________________________________________
     6.  _____________________________________________
  4. Modify the values for the options on the panel as needed for your environment and press Enter.

    Log Master displays the generated JCL for your review.

  5. Press F3 until you return to the Work ID File Menu, and save the work ID with the generated JCL.
  6. Submit the job to run the generated JCL.

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