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Adding a log scan step to a work ID

Normally, you create a log scan step when you create a work ID. This procedure explains how to insert the additional steps in a work ID if you require multiple log scan steps.

Before you begin

Ensure that you understand the concepts presented in these sections:

To add a log scan step to a work ID

  1. Open the work ID that you want to edit and access the Step Type panel.

    You can view the panel and instructions in Creating and accessing a work ID.

  2. On the Step Type panel, select Log Scan and press Enter.

    Log Master displays the Log Scan Options panel.

       |                        Log Scan Options                       |
       |                                                               |
       | Options . . . _  1. Specify Log Filter Associations           |
       |                  2. Specify Time Frame and/or Input Source    |
       |                  3. Define Report and File Outputs            |
       |                  4. Define Log Mark                           |
       |                  5. Define Log Scan Parameters                |
       |                                                               |
       | F1=Help F3=Exit F12=Cancel                                    |
  3. Select an option to specify a filter, a time frame, report and file outputs, or a log mark, as needed.

    Log Master displays a panel specific to the option that you select. To create a valid LOGSCAN statement, you must specify at least a time frame and output (such as a report, an SQL output file), or a log mark. For more information about the log scan options, press F1 to access the online Help, and see Defining a log scan.

  4. To process DB2 catalog records, or to update the Old Objects Table in the Repository, select Define Log Scan Parameters.

    For more information about using this option, see Processing objects over time.

  5. When you finish defining the log scan step, press F3 twice to open the Work ID File Menu (you can view the panel in Creating and accessing a work ID), and save the work ID.

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