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Adding a log mark step to a work ID

This procedure explains how to add a separate log mark step to an existing work ID.


    Before you begin

    Ensure that you understand the concepts presented in the following sections:

    To add a log mark step to a work ID

    1. Open the work ID that you want to edit, and access the Step Type panel.

      You can find the Step Type panel and instructions in Creating and accessing a work ID.

    2. Select Log Mark Maintenance and press Enter.
      Log Master displays the Log Mark Step Maintenance panel. 
    3. (PTF BQU2282 applied) Select Create Log Mark.
      Log Master displays the Log Mark Step Maintenance panel. For more information about the options on this panel, press F1 to access the online Help.

                                  Log Mark Step Maintenance                           
      Command ===>                                                   Scroll ===> CSR
                                                                          SSID : DBAM 
      Mark Name . . . . . . .                                                        
       Description . . . . . .                                                        
       Quiesce with Mark . . . N  (Y=Yes, N=No)                                       
       Quiesce Tablespaceset . N  (Y=Yes (Valid for DB2 V6 and above), N=No)          
       Tablespace List for Quiesce. Type one or more action codes. Then press Enter.  
         I=Insert  D=Delete                                                          
      ACT  DATABASE  TABLESPACE                                                      
      ******* End Of List *******
    4. In the Mark Name field, type a log mark name and, optionally, a description.
    5. To generate a quiesce point at the same time that you create a log mark, type Y in the Quiesce with Mark field and press Enter.
    6. In the Tablespace List for Quiesce fields, enter a qualified name for each table space that you want to include in the quiesce.
      This action directs Log Master to use the DB2 QUIESCE utility to generate a quiesce point for the specified table spaces. Log Master associates the RBA/LRSN of the quiesce point with the log mark name.
    7. Press F3 twice to return to the Work ID File Menu and save the work ID.

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