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This space contains information about the 1.4.00 release of the BMC Log Analyzer for IMS product.

IMS logs contain the answer to almost any question that you could ask about your IMS environment and the activities and events in that environment. But the primary purpose of IMS logs is to record the information, not to organize and present it in a way that you can easily use. Records contain cryptic contents, with codes and fields that can be recognized only with expert-level knowledge. In addition, the quantity of records in logs can present a challenge; your answer might be found in a handful of records among millions.

The BMC Log Analyzer for IMS (Log Analyzer) product automates the tedious and difficult tasks required for analysis of data in IMS log records. Log Analyzer performs the following tasks:

  • Reduces “noise” by eliminating log records that are not relevant for your needs
  • Organizes log records
  • Presents selected, filtered, and organized log information in easily accessed formats to help you with interactive analysis (through the Log Analyzer ISPF interface) or manual analysis (through batch reports)

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