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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Creating quick links for agents and enabling clickable URLs

As an administrator, you can enable agents to share hyperlinks with the end users in the following ways: 

  • Creating quick links—Quick links are the links that agents frequently share with end users to troubleshoot, resolve issues, and speed up the interaction. As an administrator, you create quick links, the links are available to agents from the selected company and support queue. Agents can create their own quick links for their individual use.
  • Enabling clickable URLs—Clickable URLs are the hyperlinks that agents copy and paste in a chat message during a conversation. By default, the URLs pasted in a chat message are not clickable. As an administrator, you enable pasting URLs into the chat as clickable.

Before you begin

Make sure you have read how canned text is displayed to agents.

To create quick links for all agents

  1. As an administrator, in the Virtual Chat Administration Console, select Agent Toolkit Open URLs
    The Open URL to Customer Configuration pane appears.
  2. Click Create to create a new URL, or select an existing URL and click Modify.
  3. Enter the following information:

    NameType a meaningful name for the URL.
    OwnerType the name of the user who created the URL. For example Allen.
    CompanySelect one of the companies from the list if you are using multi-tenancy. If you are not using multi-tenancy, select Global.
    Support Queue ListSelect one or multiple support queues from the list. The quick links are displayed to agents belonging to the selected support queues.
    MessageType the message that is sent to the user when the agent shares the URL with the user.
    Link LabelType the label that you want to appear on the hyperlink for the URL.
    URLType the complete URL address.
    StatusSelect Enabled or Disabled. A disabled URL cannot be used but can be enabled for use at a later time.
  4. (Optional) To verify that the URL address is accurate, click Test URL.
  5. Click Save.

 To enable pasting URLs into the chat as clickable

  1. As an administrator, on the IT Home Page, select Virtual Agent > Virtual Chat Administration Console. 

  2. Select Self Service Portal > Configuration. 

  3. From the list of entries, select Interfaces - Core Chat Services. 
  4. In the Configuration section, set the value of the <optIn> parameter to true. 

  5. If required, specify the allowed protocols and and domains in the <allowedProtocols> and the <allowedDomains> parameters.
    If these parameter values are empty, URLs with any protocol or domain are allowed. 

    The following code is an example of enabling pasting URLs into the chat as clickable:

    <allowedProtocols>["http", "https"]</allowedProtocols>
    <allowedDomains>["com", "edu"]</allowedDomains>
  6. Click Save. 
  7. To apply the changes, click Refresh servlets.
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