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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Creating questionnaires

A questionnaire is a series of questions that support agents use to gather information about the requests that self-service users have. Support agents can use the questionnaires while chatting with users. Administrators create and edit the questionnaires, which are made available to all agents.

For example, agents typically need to know basic system information before troubleshooting an issue. The user must respond to the current question before the questionnaire displays the next question.

Before you begin

Make sure you have read how canned text is displayed to agents.

To create a questionnaire

  1. In the Virtual Chat Administration Console, select Agent Toolkit > Question Scripts.
    The Manage Question Scripts pane appears.
  2. Click Create to create a new script, or select an existing script, and click Modify.
    The Chat Question Scripts dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the following information:

    Question Script NameType a descriptive name for the script. This is the name that agents see when they select a script.
    CompanyIf you are using a multi-tenancy environment, enter the name of the company whose agents can use the script. If you are not using a multi-tenancy environment, select Global.
    Support Queue ListSelect one or multiple support queues from the list. The questionnaires are displayed to agents belonging to the selected support queues.
    General Question ScriptSelect this check box to make the questionnaire available to all support agents.
    StatusSelect ActiveInactive, or Delete. An inactive script cannot be used but can be activated for use at a later time.
  4. In the Question box, type the questions, and then click Add to Script after typing each question.
    The questions appear in the Script box.


    • If you type the questions in the Question box, and click Add to Script, the <Question> tags are added to the script. The <Question> tag is not case sensitive.
    • If you add the questions in the Script box, then make sure that you add your questions within the <Question> tag.
  5. Click any of the following buttons:
    • Click Save to save the script. The Chat Question Scripts dialog box closes and the script is added to the list of scripts.
    • Click Clear to clear the contents of the script.
    • Click Close to close the Chat Questions Scripts dialog box.
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