Phased rollout


This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout.

Configuring the client alert window

Live Chat opens a flashing browser window to notify Self Service Portal users that they have left a chat session inactive. When an end user is in a chat session with an agent but has been inactive (no mouse movement or typing), the alert window opens after reaching the defined threshold for inactivity. When the client is active again, Live Chat closes the alert window. By default, this feature is enabled, and the window appears at the bottom of the screen. 

To configure the client alert window

  1. From the Virtual Chat Administration Console, select Self Service Portal > Configuration.
  2. Click Application Portal – Interface
  3. Create an overlay or click Open overlay 
  4. In the XML window, in <alertdelaytime> parameter, specify how many minutes after the end user is inactive you want to display the alert window.

  5. Click Save

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