This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Live Chat.
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Interacting with chat users

Support agents use Live Chat to resolve user queries. When you receive a new chat request from a self-service user or a BMC Helix Chatbot user, you can view the chat and join the session. You can view user information and use resources to help resolve the user's queries. From a chat session, you can also create an incident or a work order.

Support agents can perform the following tasks on a chat session:

Notify support agents in Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) of incoming chats and new messages in an existing chatReceiving notifications for incoming chats or messages
Accept, transfer, or release a chat sessionAccepting, transferring, and closing chat sessions
Use an automated script to ask common questions to self-service usersAsking standard questions from a questionnaire
Use common messages such as initial greeting or questions by using the type-ahead searchResponding with quick texts
Use common links to troubleshoot or resolve issuesResponding with quick links
Send and receive files from the end user during a chat sessionSending and receiving attachments from end users
Create an incident or work order and associate the chat to an existing ticketCreating incidents or work orders from a chat

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