22.4.10: Service pack 10

The PATROL for Linux 22.4.10 service pack provides new features. This topic includes information about new features and instructions for downloading the service pack.

Support added for monitoring new attributes

Monitor the following attributes of the NUK_Linux_OS (Linux_OS) and Memory (NUK_Memory) application classes in PATROL for Linux to monitor the worker nodes in a Kubernetes (K8S) environment.

NUK_Linux_OS (Linux_OS):

  • Total number of threads on the system (TotalNumberOfThreads)
  • Total number of processes on the system (TotalNumberOfProcesses)
  • Total number of FD count (TotalFDCount)
  • Allocated FD count (AllocatedFDCount)

Memory (NUK_Memory):

  • Percent of free memory (includes buffers-cache) (FreePCT)
  • Percent of memory pages used (includes buffers-cache) (Utilization) 

For more information, see NUK_Linux_OS (Linux_OS) and Memory (NUK_Memory).

Support filesystem monitoring for K8S node

You can perform monitoring of the filesystem of the Kubernetes node. To monitor the filesystems from a K8S container, filesystems needs to be mounted in a container as read-only filesystems.

Downloading the service pack

For downloading instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

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