This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Knowledge Management.

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Watch List scenarios

This topic describes two common use cases that you might use when working with watch lists.

Scenario A

A Knowledge User wants to be aware of any updates to an article. The watch list provides a place for the user to look at watched articles. When any change or update is made to a watched article, the system notifies the user. Additionally, the user can watch an entire category so that they are notified when any related article changes or new articles are added.

Scenario B

A Knowledge Manager or Supervisor wants to keep track of specific articles that might require special attention (for example, if the article is approaching a review time or the manager wants to monitor an article's progress). The manager adds an article to the watch list and is able to focus on the watch list instead of the entire queue. A notification is sent to this manager when any change is made to watched articles.

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