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Update Request scenario

Ian Plyment, a Support specialist, is looking for a solution to a customer ticket and performs a search for relevant articles. From the results, Ian opens the article that seems to resolve the issue. When testing the solution, Ian discovers that the solution in the article is not accurate and that the actual solution requires a few more actions.


Ian opens the article and selects the Update Request table. He clicks Create, and the New Update Request dialog box opens. He enters the extra steps needed for the solution in the Request Details field, fills in values for the other fields, and clicks Save.

The Assignee gets a notification that this specific article has a new update request. The Assignee logs into the system, opens the Knowledge Management Console, and sees that the relevant article has a Yes value in the Update Requests column of the Knowledge table. The Assignee performs the following steps:

  1. Selects the article and sees the update requests in the table field below.
  2. Selects that update request and clicks the View icon that is located above the table. The Update Request Info dialog box opens and displays the update request details.

The Assignee can also choose to select other update requests from the table and view their details.

The Assignee performs one of the following actions:

  • The Assignee re-creates the solution steps and verifies that the extra steps are needed. In the knowledge article, the Assignee accesses the update request and changes the request status to Completed after adding comments in the New Comments field.
  • The Assignee re-creates the solution steps but discovers that steps are not needed. In the Knowledge Management Console, the Assignee accesses the update request, changes the update request status to Rejected, and adds comments in the New Comments field.
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