This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Knowledge Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring assignments (optional)

You can set up assignments to select a default support group for one of the review statuses, for assigning a knowledge article to an article reviewer. Creating assignment routing enables you to automatically assign articles to support groups and roles by using fields as search criteria against the Assignment Configuration form.

To create assignment routing

  1. On the Standard Configuration tab of the Application Administration Console, select the company.
  2. Click the Create link next to Assignment.
  3. In the Event field of the Assignment form, select the type of assignment entry.
    For BMC Knowledge Management, the following assignment entries are applicable:
    • Knowledge Optional Review 1
    • Knowledge Optional Review 2
    • Knowledge SME Review
    For more information, see  Assignment events .
  4. In the Description field, enter a description for the assignment.
  5. From the Assigned Group list, select the support group to assign.
  6. In the Routing Order area, specify when this assignment entry should be used for the automated assignment.
    • Company — Select the location of the article. If this routing applies to all companies, select Global.
    • Operational Categorization — You can route assignments by operational services.
    • Product Categorization — You can route assignments by product categorization.
  7. Click Add .

Creating group assignments

The first step in creating assignment information is configuring a group assignment. You can then use predefined assignment information for automatic assignment to an individual in the assigned group using the Assignment Engine, if needed. Advanced administrators can also define custom individual assignment information for the Assignment Engine.

From the Configure Assignment form, you can also modify or delete assignment information.

Creating a group assignment

  1. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. From the Application Settings list, choose Foundation > Configure Assignment > Configure Assignment, and click Open .
  3. To change the Configure Assignment form to New mode, click the New Request button on the form in a browser.
  4. In the Event field, select the type of assignment entry (for example, Knowledge SME Review).
    For more information, see  Automatic assignment to individuals .
  5. In the Assignment area, select the support company, support organization, and assigned group to use for assignment.
  6. In the Available Systems area, select Knowledge Management.
    You can select different support groups for assignment, even if the mapping selections are the same.
  7. In the Routing Orderarea, further specify when this assignment entry should be used for the automated assignment. (This is an advanced feature.)


    The Contact Company and Company fields are required.

    The Assignment entry can be mapped using the following data structures:

    • Organization
    • Location
    • Operational Categorization
    • Product Categorization
      When BMC Knowledge Management uses the routing order, which is a feature of many of the main ticketing forms, it uses information from the form that it is on to find an assignment entry, and in turn, the support group for assignment.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Create the group assignment for Knowledge SME Review.
  10. Create the group assignments for your company.
    By default, assignment configuration records were installed out-of-the-box for your use as templates. You can copy these records for your own company.

Automatic assignment to individuals

After you have configured BMC Knowledge Management group assignments, the round robin method of assigning articles to individuals is activated. By default, BMC Knowledge Management uses the round robin method in the Assignment Engine to assign service requests and work orders to the person who has gone the longest since receiving an assignment.

To remove a person from individual auto-assignment, set the Assignment Availability field on the People record to No. For more information, see Creating assignments.

Advanced administrators can also define custom individual assignment information for articles with the Assignment Engine. For more information about configuring the Assignment Engine for assignment to individuals, see Assigning requests with the Assignment Engine.

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