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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Knowledge Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Registering BMC Remedy AR System forms

Register Remedy AR System forms as sources that are retrieved from an existing Remedy AR System form that you define. BMC Knowledge Management stores and manages the metadata, and optionally the life cycle, of this source. When you register a new knowledge source in the Registration Wizard, you have the option to define whether a lifecycle is managed for the source. For more information, see Source panel.


Registering new knowledge sources of the BMC Remedy AR System form type can put heavy load on the server. When registering BMC Remedy AR System forms as knowledge base items, a display only character field z1D_RKM_Char01 (ID 302298901) is added to the source form. This field does not belong to any view.

AR form panel sequence

The Registration Wizard uses the following panel sequence when you register BMC Remedy AR System forms as knowledge sources:
Welcome > Source > Relevancy Fields > Mapping Type > Organization > Categorization > Content Fields > Accessibility > Completion

Prerequisites for AR form registration

Fulfill the following list of prerequisites before you register searchable items as knowledge sources.

  • In addition to the Knowledge Admin permissions, you must have permission to update the Relevancy, Content, Organization, and Categorization fields.
  • Verify that the Title Relevancy field has Public permissions.
  • For Relevancy fields, select a Character, Diary or Attachment field and set the field's Entry Mode to Optional or Required.
  • For Organization and Categorization fields mapping, select a Character field. Set the Entry Mode property to Optional or Required and the Permission property to Public.
  • Verify that you have access permission to forms and fields that the Registration wizard provides for selection during the registration process.
  • For Content fields, select a Character, Diary, Attachment or Table field. Set the Entry Mode property to Optional or Required.
  • Verify that BMC Remedy AR System form type knowledge base items contain a character field with ID 179 (GUID), and that the appropriate users that use the source have permissions to this field.
  • Verify that the default value property is defined for required fields in the source form.
  • Verify that the forms you are registering are Regular forms. (Audit, Display-Only and View forms cannot be registered.)
  • (Only for version 9.1.00 Service Pack 1) Verify that the forms you are registering are Regular or View forms. (Audit and Display-Only forms cannot be registered.)
  • (For version 9.1.00 Service Pack 1 and later) View forms should contain Submitter field with field Id as 2.
  • Remove the web toolbar from the default view, so it does not appear in the article's content area.

Example of registering an AR System form

You are defined with a Knowledge Admin role, and have a BMC Remedy AR System form that you want to register in BMC Remedy Knowledge Management. The form name is FAQ, and the form has only two fields:

  • Question
  • Answer

Best Practice

Make sure that the Question field is the title of the search results and BMC Remedy Knowledge Managements manages the lifecycle of the articles within this form. 

Follow the steps given below to implement your scenario:

  1. Open the Knowledge Management Console.
  2. Under Functions, click Manage Knowledge Sources.
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the Welcome panel of the Registration Wizard, select Knowledge Base Item > AR Form and click Next.
  5. Perform the following steps in the Source panel:
    1. Select the FAQ form.
    2. Enter the form's view.
      This is the form's view that will be displayed when the form is opened from search results, Knowledge Management Console, and Create (new article).
    3. Select the Life Cycle option.
    4. Enter information in fields, as appropriate.
    5. Click Next.
  6. In the Relevancy panel, choose Question from the Title field menu.
    You have mapped the Question field to the knowledge article title. The Question field is now the title of the FAQ articles, and will be shown as the search results title.
  7. Select the Answer fields to be indexed in the content field. 

    The Question field is indexed automatically because it was mapped to Title.

  8. Enter the appropriate information in the Organization and Categorization panels.
    • To add visibility groups to the source, select a company and a visibility group from the lists and click Add.
      The visibility group is assigned to all the articles from that source.
    • You can add more than one visibility group for each source.
  9. In the Accessibility panel, select the companies to which this source belongs.
  10. Click Finish in the Completion panel.
  11. (optional) Follow the registration status in the Status column of the Manage Knowledge Sources page.

To remove the web toolbar from the default view

  1. Open the form in BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Click anywhere in the form area to open the View property.
  3. Under Appearances, select the Web Toolbar property and verify that the value is set to Hidden.
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