This documentation supports the 19.02 version of BMC Knowledge Management.

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Configuring approval mappings

Approvers are people with the authority to approve or reject a request. These users are usually members of a Support Group, and are assigned the Knowledge Management Approver role. The approval process automatically routes approval requests to the people you define based on their level in the process.

To create approver mappings

  1. From the IT Home page, choose Application Admin Console > Custom Configuration tab > Knowledge Management > Knowledge Management Approvals Configuration > Approval Mappings.
  2. Enter the required information in the following fields and then click Save.



Approval For

Select the type of approver.

  • Individual — If you select this option, enter the individual's last name and press ENTER. The Approver ID (or login name) is automatically filled.
  • Group — If you select this option, the First Name, Last Name, and Approver ID fields are replaced by Support Company, Support Organization, and Support Group Name.
    Select values for each field. The items that appear in the Support Organization list depend on the option you select for Support Company. The items that appear in the Support Group list depend on the option you select for Support Organization.


    If you select the Group option, all people who belong to the support group and have the Knowledge Management Approver functional role are set up as approvers. By default, only one approver in the group must sign off on the approval before it can move to the next level.

  • Inherent Group/Role — This option has not been implemented in this version of BMC Knowledge Management.

First Name

(Approval For Individual) Type the first name of the approver and then select the required name from the automatically displayed values. Press Enter to select the required value. 

Last Name

(Approval For Individual) Use auto-fill to enter the approver's last name.

Approver ID

(Approval For Individual) This field is automatically filled with the Login ID  of the approver, based on the value selected in the First Name or Last Name fields.

Assignment Availability

This field is populated and synchronized automatically.

  • For individuals, the value is displayed based on the Profile status on the People form. If the value on the People form is Enabled, this value is set to Yes to specify that the individual is available for the approval.
  • For Support Group mapping, this value is set to Yes if the support group has at least one valid user with an Approval role.


Select Enabled for the approver mapping to be available.

Approval Indicator

Select Knowledge Management. When you select this option, the RKM Criteria section appear under Additional Mappings. This enables you to map specific approvers to specific articles based on operational categorization and product categorization filters.

Phase Company

The phase company detail for this approver mapping is automatically filled when you select a Phase Name.

Phase Name

Select RKM Approval.


You can configure all the phases for knowledge request life cycle. However, you can set only one phase at a time.


Specify a numeric value to configure level of approval for the individual or group. This is used to configure sequencing of approvals.


(optional ) Enter a description for this approver mapping.

Options for multiple approval mappings - Additional Mappings

As a system administrator, if you want to configure the approval mapping rules based on knowledge article template, region, language, owner company, or the owner group, you can use these options.

For example, Your organization is based out of Germany and the people from different regions submit knowledge articles. You want to configure approvers based on a region or a language like Approver A who approves all articles in the English language and Approver B who approves all articles in the German language.

RKM Criteria

(optional ) Enter additional mappings that are based on product and operational categorization. Product and operational categorization are used to categorize different products or configuration items and operations. Available values depend on the company and the value selected for the previous tier. You can also configure the Site Details options.

RoleEnter Article Owners in the Owner Company, Owner Organization, or Owner Group fields.
Advanced Criteria
  • Template: Select to configure approval mapping based on a knowledge article template. You must select the appropriate template from list.
    For example, If you want to configure an approver for How to article template, select How to article option.
  • Article Language: Select to configure approval mapping for a language.
  • Internal use: Select to set an approver for the articles for which the Internal use flag is set to Yes.

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