This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Knowledge Management.

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Using automatic assignment

When an article is created, it is automatically assigned to the person who created it. An article can also be automatically assigned when its status is changed. Auto Assign is triggered manually when you click an assignment link in the Quick Links section or change an article's status.

When you change an article's status (by selecting a new status from the list), the Auto Assign function works as follows:

  • If the article is in review status, Auto Assign sets the Assigned Group according to the Assignment Engine method for that status. If no default group has been defined, the values for Assigned Group and Assignee are copied from the article's Owner details.
  • If the article is in any other status, the values for Assigned Group and Assignee are retained.

To automatically assign an article

  1. Select the article to be assigned.
  2. In the Quick Links section, click Auto Assign.
    The article is assigned to the designated user.

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