This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Knowledge Management.

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User roles

User rolesDescription
BMC Knowledge Management user roles
Knowledge ManagerKnowledge Managers are responsible for the overall Knowledge Management database content and lifecycle of the articles in the database. They have permission to publish and retire articles. They also register and maintain various knowledge sources.
Knowledge Subject Matter Expert (SME)Knowledge SMEs create the content that goes into the Knowledge Management database (they author and review knowledge articles). They address any comments and update requests for articles. They can publish knowledge articles using a configured approval process.
Knowledge Application AdministratorKnowledge Application Administrators set up, configure, and maintain the BMC Knowledge Management application.
KCS-defined user roles supported in BMC Knowledge Management
KCS CandidateKCS Candidates search for relevant knowledge articles when resolving support tickets. They can use existing knowledge articles, propose amendments to them, or create new articles where no relevant article already exists.
KCS ContributorKCS Contributors review, enhance, and complete articles created by other users to suit a wider audience, flag articles that need improvement, and unflag articles after improvement. KCS Contributors also create and validate articles, without review by a KCS Coach.
KCS PublisherKCS Publishers publish content to an external audience such as users of BMC MyIT, and they modify published articles.
KCS Coach

KCS Coaches monitor, maintain, and improve the knowledge health of an organization by generating various reports and guiding users to adopt good knowledge management processes. A KCS Coach thereby helps to improve the KCS maturity level of an organization.


BMC Knowledge Management user roles and KCS-defined user roles are mutually exclusive. At one time, a user can have either a BMC Knowledge Management user role or a KCS user role. 

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