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Troubleshooting issues with Full Text Search

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This topic will help you identify if there are issues with Full Text Search (FTS).


The search results are not displayed.


The articles are not listed.


  1. Log in as an AR System Administrator or Knowledge Administrator in BMC Remedy AR System.
  2. On the IT Home page, enter the MFS:MultiFormSearch form name in the following URL:
    http://<hostName>/arsys/forms/<serverName>/MFS:MultiFormSearch where the hostName is the name of the web server, and the serverName is the name of the AR System server.


    In a server group environment, perform these steps on each server.

  3. On the Filter tab, for the Form List field, add the following forms.

  4. On the Search Terms tab, add % in the Search Term: Must Have field and click Search.

    The following list of articles is displayed.
    If you do not see any results, FTS is not indexing correctly. For more information, see Troubleshooting Remedy Full Text Search


The search results are not displayed.


The articles are listed and are available.


We recommend that you contact BMC Customer Support.

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