This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Knowledge Management.

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Sending a knowledge article by e-mail

The Email System enables Support staff to send a link to a knowledge article via e-mail to a user who requires help with an issue or for information purposes, and to, optionally, email information about the article. You can send an e-mail message to any valid e-mail address. In addition, the Email Log enables you to view the email messages that you sent through the Email System. When you select the Email Log tab, the Email Information pane remains visible.

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To send a knowledge article by e-mail

  1. Open a knowledge article.
  2. Click Email.
  3. Use any of the following methods to define the e-mail message recipient:
    • Fill in at least one field in the People Search Criteria section and click Search. When the search finishes, select the recipient's name in the search results table.

      If you need help determining the correct name in the list, you can see more information about an individual by selecting their name from the list, and clicking View. Doing this opens the People form, which contains detailed information about the recipient.

    • Click Select Current Assignee. The current assignee's name with contact information appears in the table.

  4. To add multiple recipients, separate the names with a semicolon (;) character. Do not insert a space between the names and the semicolon

    You can continue to scroll down the search result list to find additional e-mail addresses for insertion, or perform a new search. However, selecting a search result replaces the current email addresses with the selection.

  5. Complete the e-mail information fields, as follows:
    • Internet E-mail — Displays the recipient's e-mail address. When you select the email recipient, as described in step 3, the Internet email address updates from the people record.
    • Email Subject Line — Displays the Knowledge Article ID number by default. You can change the content of the subject line.
    • Email Message Body — Contains the URL of the article. You can also type a message text here, or use the series of buttons to the right of the Email Message Bodyfield to automatically insert text from the article into the message text, as follows:
      • Status — Adds the English value of the article status string.
      • Summary — Adds the article title.
      • Details — Adds the Company, Organization, Department, and all Categorizationdata.

        If one or more buttons are disabled, the corresponding field in the article contains no information. The Resolution button is disabled for all articles; it is designated for future releases.

  6. (optional) Attach a single file to the email message, as follows:
    1. Right-click inside the Email Attachment table.
    2. Click Add.
    3. In the Add Attachment dialog box, browse to and select the file that you want to attach.
  7. Click Send Email Now.
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