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Product architecture

This section describes the BMC Knowledge Management architecture, including its relationship to the BMC Remedy AR System server.

A database forms the underlying element of the BMC Knowledge Management architecture. The BMC Remedy AR System server is on top of the database and processes all data entered by BMC Knowledge Management applications.

In addition, the BMC Remedy AR System server is the workflow engine between the BMC Knowledge Management application and the database. It also verifies that a user has permission to perform each action, thereby enforcing any access control defined in the applications.

The BMC Remedy AR System server also manages BMC Remedy Approval Server, the Assignment Engine, and BMC Remedy Full Text Search (FTS), as follows:

  • BMC Remedy Approval Server — Self-contained, shared module that enables you to automate any approval or signature process. For more information, see the BMC Remedy Approval Server documentation.
  • BMC Remedy Assignment Engine — Enables you to automatically assign requests to individuals. For more information, see the BMC Remedy Action Request System Configuration Guide.
  • BMC Remedy Full Text Search (FTS) — Provides a search mechanism that is typically much faster than the native database searching functionality for searching in long text fields. It is also the only search method available in BMC Remedy AR System for searching text within documents that are attached to requests. For more information, see Enabling and disabling full text search

BMC Knowledge Management also uses several integrated modules and supporting applications that extend and enhance the basic BMC Remedy AR System server functions:

  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Foundation — Contains the common forms, workflow, and data that are needed to support the applications. It also provides a repository for the following data structures used by each BMC Remedy ITSM applications:
    • Company (tenancy and external company definitions)
    • Organization
    • Location
    • People
    • Support groups
    • Categorization
  • BMC Remedy Notification Engine — Provides a back-end workflow model for defining which notifications should be sent, based on different events in a BMC Remedy Knowledge Management application. Support staff uses the People form to define which notifications they want to receive. Included predefined notifications can be turned on or off.

The BMC Knowledge Management application components as well as the relationships among the database, BMC Remedy AR System server, BMC Remedy Approval Server, Assignment Engine, Full Text Search, the application's BMC Remedy Foundation, Notification Engine and the BMC Knowledge Management applications are illustrated in the following figure.

BMC Knowledge Management product architecture

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