This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Knowledge Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Categorizing documented resolutions

BMC Knowledge Management enables you to define up to three hierarchical levels of resolution categories and resolution product categories (available values depend on the value selected for the previous tier), and the Company, Product Name, Model/Version, and Manufacturer information, in a knowledge article.

The Resolution Categorization and Resolution Product Categorization values help to identify the kind of issues that can be resolved by using the information that is provided in the knowledge article. This information is useful primarily to Incident Management users.

While viewing or creating an Incident record, if you click Search Knowledge Base to search for a knowledge article and then click Use in the knowledge article, a Resolved by type of relationship is created with the Incident. Additionally, the field values that are defined in the Resolution Categorization tab of the knowledge article are copied to the Resolution Categorization tab of the Incident, and the article's title and ID are copied to the Resolution field of the Incident. For more information, see Relationships between knowledge articles and Incidents.

To add resolution categories to a knowledge article

  1. Click the Details tab, and click the Resolution Categorization sub-tab.
  2. Add or modify the field values. Available values depend on the value that you select for the previous tier.
  3. Click Save.
    You must have the Knowledge Admin, Knowledge User, or Knowledge Submitter permission to edit the fields on the Resolution Categorization tab of a knowledge article.


The following limitations govern the ability to add Resolution Categorization tab values to knowledge articles:

  • You can add resolution categories only for knowledge articles that are in the In Progress state, the Draft state, or one of the review states.

    Knowledge articles that belong to an External File System type of knowledge source appear in the Published state as soon as they are imported via the Registration Wizard. Therefore, you cannot add resolution categories to such articles.

  • You cannot create watch list rules to monitor knowledge articles based on the field values in the Resolution Categorization tab
  • You cannot add resolution categories for knowledge articles that were converted from version 7.2 and 7.5.
  • You cannot pre-configure resolutions categories while registering BMC Remedy AR System forms, and External File Systems as new knowledge sources.
  • Resolution categories are not supported as a filtering option when you click More Filters on the Knowledge Management Console.
  • Resolution categories are not supported as search parameters in Advanced Search.
  • If you open an Incident in Search mode before creating a Resolved by relationship with a knowledge article, resolution categories are not immediately visible after being copied to the Incident. You must reload the record in order to see the new values in the Categorization tab.


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