This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Knowledge Management.

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Submitting a cancellation request

You can send a request to an approver to cancel an article. After you submit a cancellation request, no further changes can be made to the article. The approver can either approve or reject the request. After a request is approved, the sender receives notification and the article status changes to Cancelled. If the request is rejected, the article status changes to the status the article was in, when you requested for cancellation.


(Service Pack 1 for version 9.1.00 and later) You can submit cancellation requests for external articles. Once cancelled, the status of external articles is set to Cancelled, and they cannot be moved back to Published or any previous status. You must re-register the external articles to set them in Published status.

Before you begin

Consider the following points before you submit a cancellation request:

  • The act of submitting a cancellation request does not affect the current status of the article.
  • You cannot request a cancellation when the knowledge article is in the Publish Approval status.
  • Only a Knowledge Admin can cancel an article, irrespective of the article status, without any approval.
  • Only a Knowledge Admin can view cancelled articles from the Knowledge Console.

To submit a cancellation request

  1. In the Navigation pane of the knowledge article, click Functions > Request Cancellation.
  2. Click Yes to confirm the cancellation request.

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