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Locating white papers, guides, and technical bulletins

This topic explains how the organization of BMC Knowledge Management documentation has changed now that it has moved to and helps you find information based on specific documents you are familiar with from previous releases. It contains the following sections:

What has changed

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Technical bulletins

Technical bulletins contained information delivered after a product was released, often in conjunction with a service pack or patch for that release.

Where to find information previously provided in a technical bulletin

Type of technical bulletin

Found here in

Contents of a service pack or patch and instructions particular to it

Release notes

Where to find information previously provided in release notes

Type of information

Found in

New features (enhancements) and other information

Version 9.1.00 enhancements

  • Issues corrected by the base release and its service packs and patches
  • Issues that are currently open

Known and corrected issues


Where to find information previously provided in a guide or manual

Document title

Found here in

BMC Remedy IT Service Management Installation Guide


BMC Remedy IT Service Management Configuration Guide

BMC Remedy IT Service Management Administration Guide

BMC Remedy Knowledge Management Administration Guide

Key concepts
End-to-end process
Functional role
User permissions

Configuring after installation
Configuring after installation

Data Management

BMC Remedy Knowledge Management User Guide



Flashes contained urgent information about product issues and are delivered after a product is released. On this information is delivered in an "Urgent issues" topic, under Release notes and notices. If this topic does not exist for a given product release, no urgent issues have been discovered for that release.

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