This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Knowledge Management.

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Configuring approval chains for a specific company

You can configure the predefined approval chains for other companies by creating new approval chains.


Before creating an approval chain for a specific company, make sure that you have configured the approval process for that company, with the Process Name field set to RKM_LEVEL_ALL.

You can create and edit the approval process for a specific company and for the Global company from the IT Home page, by selecting Application Admin Console > Custom Configuration tab > Foundation > Advanced Options > Approval Process Configuration.

To create new approval chains

  1. From the IT Home page, choose Application Admin Console > Custom Configuration tab > Knowledge Management > Knowledge Management Approvals Configuration > Approval Chains.
  2. Click Create to open the Approval Chain Definition page.
  3. Enter the approval chain name and select the company that you want.
  4. Configure the approval chain properties.
    1. In the Form field, select RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager.
    2. In the Order field, enter a value less than 20.
    3. In the Process Name field, select one of the predefined approval processes.
    4. In the Selection Criteria field, click the expand box icon to open the Advanced Qualification Builder and define the run if condition, which triggers the selected process, to use the selected company:
      'ArticleStatusEnglish'="Publish Approval" AND 'Company' = "[company name]"


      You can copy the selection criteria string from the predefined processes configured for the Global company.

    5. Click Select to save and close the Advanced Qualification Builder .
  5. Click Apply to add the process to the new approval chain.
  6. Define an action for all the possible results of the process Approved, Rejected, Cancelled, and Error.
    1. Select a status in the approval chain tree (for example, Approved).
    2. Click the Add Set Fields Action panel header (on the right side), and click Apply.
    3. Select the new Set Field in the approval chain tree, and click Add.
    4. In the Set Field Value dialog box, set fields and values as defined in process provided out of the box.
    5. In the Value field, enter the value that you want to set in the field.
    6. Click Save.
  7. Click Save to save the approval chain.
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