This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Knowledge Management.

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Approval workflow

At the beginning of an article lifecycle, the article enters the pre-publish review process. The following workflow describes the Published approval workflow and applies to Retired and Cancelled statuses.

  1. The designated approvers can view pending requests and approve or reject them in Approval Central that is available from IT Home > Quick Links.
    For more information on Approval Central, see
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    During the approval process and before the article is set to Published, Knowledge users can withdraw articles from the approval workflow by opening the article and modifying it.
  2. The approvers approve or reject the article.
  3. The article status changes to Published, Retired, or Cancel depending on the request that initiated the approval process.
    If the request is rejected, the article status reverts back as follows:
    • For Publish Approval, the article reverts back to Draft status.
    • For Retire Approval, the article reverts back to Published status.
    • For Cancellation, the article reverts back to the status it was in, before requesting for cancellation.
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