This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM Insights.

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Tracking ITSM Insights usage in BMC Helix Dashboards

As an administrator, you can create interactive reports for BMC Helix ITSM Insights by leveraging the capabilities of BMC Helix Dashboards, a subscription-based service. BMC Helix Dashboards offers unified reporting that gives you a consolidated view of the data from BMC Helix ITSM Insights. You can easily export and share the reports with users within or outside your environment.

The ITSM Insights dashboard is available only with ITSM Insights 21.3 and later versions.

Metrics in the ITSM Insights dashboard

The following BMC Helix ITSM Insights metrics are available out-of-the-box in BMC Helix Dashboards:

  • Number of jobs created

  • Number of job executions

  • Change requests related to problem investigations created in BMC Helix ITSM Insights
  • Incidents related to problem investigations

  • Parent relationships created from BMC Helix ITSM Insights

  • Problem investigations created from BMC Helix ITSM Insights

  • Number of problem investigations created for reopened incidents

  • Problem investigations by status

  • Clusters with the most number of incidents

  • Users who have created the highest number of parent relationships 

Example: Tracking Proactive Problem Management and Incident Correlation metrics

Susan, the Service Desk Manager is using the ITSM Insights dashboard to understand the value provided by ITSM Insights. She is analyzing the incident statistics for a company for a defined period. She needs to identify the top emerging clusters and the users who have created the most number of incident relationships in ITSM Insights.

Colin, the Problem Manager, needs a high-level summary of problem management KPIs. To get a quantitative validation for the business value provided by ITSM Insights, he tracks the following KPIs:

  • Number and percentage of problem investigations created from ITSM Insights
  • Number of incidents being related to problems in ITSM Insights
  • Status of various problems for a company
  • Number of jobs and job executions from ITSM Insights
  • Number of problem investigations that have been created for reopened incidents

The following image shows the ITSM Insights dashboard with sample data: 

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