This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Working with Discussions in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting

The Discussion feature in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting provides a platform for users to collaborate. It brings BMC Remedy Smart Reporting users, content, and external links together for viewing and discussing. By joining discussion groups that suit your interests, you can collaborate with other users, participate in discussions, and post relevant content.

In the Discussion area, the My Topics section lists the discussion topics to which you have access. The New section lists any new topics that are created. You can also search for discussions that you are interested in and join those discussions. The Discussion and Timeline features are tightly integrated so that updates about any posts added to a discussion you are a part of are shown on your timeline.

To navigate to the Discussion area, in the top navigation bar in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, click Discussion.

Discussions in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting consist of the different components that are arranged as the following tabs:

Discussion Topic

The Discussion Topic tab is a container for discussion posts. It groups together a series of discussion threads about one topic and the users participating in the discussions. This tab displays the main feed of the discussion, along with all discussion threads and other activity. You can add a post, reply to a post, and view discussion threads.

Discussion Content

The Discussion Content tab displays content such as Reports, Dashboards, and Storyboards posted in discussion topics. Using this tab, you can view any content by clicking an item. The content opens outside the Discussion area.


The People tab lists users who are subscribed to a discussion topic and can post to that topic. Using this tab, you can view existing members. If you are the creator or an administrator of the discussion topic, you can invite new members to join the discussion, set permissions, and remove or block members from the discussion topic.


The Settings tab provides options for configuring a discussion topic. Using this tab, you can define properties of a discussion topic such as name and description, or delete the topic.

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