This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Working with discussion topics

The Discussion Topic tab is a container for discussion posts. It groups together a series of discussion threads about one topic and the users participating in the discussions. This tab displays the main feed of the discussion, along with all discussion threads and other activity. You can add a post, reply to a post, and view discussion threads. For information about discussion threads, see Using discussion threads to collaborate in discussion topics.

To enable you to create, edit, or delete a discussion topic, your role must have the required permissions as assigned by your BMC Remedy Smart Reporting administrator.

Working with a discussion topic involves the following actions:

The following table describes these actions:

Creating a new discussion topic

When you create a new discussion, you can provide details such as a thumbnail image, a name and description, and tags that are suited to the content of the topic and will help you find content that matches your interest.

You can also define access permissions for the topic. The following options are available:

  • Public—Any users who have access to the Discussion area can see a discussion. However, a user must join the discussion to post to it.
  • Private—Only users who receive an invitation to participate can view the discussion and post to it. If you set a discussion topic as private, you must invite other users to join. For more information, see Inviting Members.
  1. On the main navigation bar of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, select Create > Discussion.
  2. In the Settings pane of the new discussion topic, add the required details:

    1. Enter a name.

    2. (Optional) Add a description and tags.
    3. (Optional) On the thumbnail image placeholder under Settings, click and upload an image.
    4. (Optional) Change the access permission to Private.
      The default is Public.
  3. Click Save.

Viewing a discussion topicThe Discussion area in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting lists all discussions to which you have access. You can view all public discussions; however, to view a private discussion, you must must be invited, and you must join the private discussion.From the main navigation bar of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting, click Discussions. In the Discussions area, click a discussion topic thumbnail.
Joining a discussion topicYou can join any public discussion topic; however, to join a private discussion topic, you must receive an invitation. Private discussions to which you are invited are marked with a You're Invited label.Navigate to the Discussions area and click Add  on a discussion topic.

Note: You can also join a private discussion by accepting an invitation from the notification on your timeline.

Leaving a discussion topicYou can leave discussion topics that you are no longer interested in. When you leave a public discussion topic, you can no longer post to it; however, you can still view the discussion. Leaving private discussions means you can no longer view the discussion or post to it.Navigate to the Discussions area and click Unsubscribe from this Discussion Topic  for a discussion topic.
Editing a discussion topic

You can edit the details of discussion topics that you have created.

Navigate to the Discussions area and click Edit . Edit the details and save the changes.
Deleting a discussion topic

You can delete discussion topics that you have created.

Navigate to the Discussions area and and click Delete .

Note: You can also delete a topic from the Discussion Settings tab.

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