This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Version 9.1.00 enhancements

This topic describes new or updated features in version 9.1.00.

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite enhancements

This section describes new or updated features that are common to two or more of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) applications.

Enhancement to BMC Remedy ITSM data access model

The following enhancements or changes are made to the BMC Remedy ITSM data access model:

  • Support group centric ticket data access — Ticket data access is now managed based on individuals (for example, submitter, on behalf of, and assignee) and support groups associated with a ticket.  This restricts ticket access to only those users who are directly connected to a ticket or to a support group associated with a ticket. For more information, see Row level security.
  • Support for hierarchical groups — This feature is based on the existing hierarchical group feature in BMC Remedy AR System and allows you to create collector groups that are parents of other groups. The parent group can access its own ticket data and the ticket data of its child groups. You can extend the ticket data access to higher groups using hierarchical groups. For more information, see Hierarchical groups. 
  • Assignment menus are tied to the company fields — Manual support group assignment is now restricted to the company the ticket is for. The assignment menus display support groups relevant to the location and contact companies mentioned on a ticket. The new Application Administration Console > Foundation > Advanced Options > Support Group Assignment Configuration > Configure Assignment Groups for a Service Company form allows you to define valid support groups for a company. For more information, see Support group configuration for assignments.

For more information on the above enhancements and post upgrade considerations, see Data access model enhancements in BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.


This feature affects the following BMC Remedy ITSM applications:

  • BMC Asset Management
  • BMC Change Management
  • BMC Service Desk
  • BMC Service Request Management
  • BMC Knowledge Management
  • BMC Service Level Management (only hierarchical groups)

Merge company or support group data using data wizard

Data merging is moving the data, which includes foundation, process setup, and transactional from one data structure to another. Merging is useful in case of organizational restructuring or acquisitions.

In the older versions of BMC Remedy ITSM, data merging was possible by manually updating the relevant forms.

Starting from 9.1, the action drop-down list on the Data Wizard Console includes a new option Merge target values that allows you to merge data between:

  • Companies
  • Support groups within a company
  • Support groups across companies


A user with AR administrator permissions can merge data.

For more information on merge target values, see Merging company or support group data.

Impact on the count target values action 

The View Audit Log > Data Wizard Audit form, Data Administration Action Results tab now displays a new field Merge Specific? while displaying the count information . The Merge Specific? field either displays Yes or is blank for the forms listed in the count results. If this field displays:

  • Yes: The forms marked as merge specific are updated only when you perform Merge target values action and are included in the count information. These forms are not included in the count information when you perform the Update target values action.
  • Blank: These forms are included in the count information when you perform Update target values action.

Foundation data onboarding for multiple companies with validation

In BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM) 9.1, the Company column has been added back to the PeopleOrg, Location, Support_Group, People, and Financials spreadsheets, allowing service providers to load Foundation data for all of the companies they support. To address security concerns, existing company validation workflow is used to determine company access for the data administrator running or scheduling the onboarding UDM job. The related Pentaho transformations have also been updated to support the Company column.

For more information, see Foundation data onboarding for multiple companies with validation.

KCS Support in BMC Knowledge Management

BMC Knowledge Management now provides support for the knowledge management methods defined by the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) framework. While BMC Knowledge Management is a full-fledged knowledge management tool in itself, it provides back-end support for KCS for the benefit of organizations that follow the KCS framework in the their IT support processes.

The following enhancements are provided in BMC Knowledge Management to provide support for KCS framework:

  • New permission groups—KCS Candidate, KCS Contributor, KCS Publisher, KCS Coach
    BMC Knowledge Management user permissions and KCS user permissions are mutually exclusive. At one time, a user can have either BMC Knowledge Management user permissions or KCS user permissions. You can assign KCS permissions to users one at a time, or to multiple users in bulk using the People Management Console. Iif the users have existing BMC Knowledge Management user permissions, and you add KCS permissions, then the BMC Knowledge Management user permissions are automatically removed before KCS permissions are added.
  • New out-of-the box knowledge template—KCS template
  • Several new and updated backend forms and escalations
  • Data Management enhancements for creating KCS articles from the KCS template

The following enhancements are provided in BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) and BMC Remedy Smart Reporting:

  • Smart IT—KCS users have access to additional KCS specific functionality, when working on Knowledge Articles through the Smart IT interface
  • BMC Remedy Smart Reporting—Several out-of-the-box reports that enable a KCS Coach to review articles and author performance.  

For detailed information, see KCS support in BMC Knowledge Management.


  • You can use the KCS features only through Smart IT and BMC Remedy Smart Reporting user interfaces.
  • With the introduction of KCS support, there is no change in existing features or functionalities of the BMC Knowledge Management application. If your organization does not follow the KCS framework, you can continue to use the BMC Knowledge Management application.

Improved search result relevancy in BMC Knowledge Management

The default values of Boost Use Relevancy and Boost View Relevancy fields in the Application Configuration form are updated so that their impact is restrained, thus improving the search relevancy. As a result, more relevant articles are listed higher up in the search results. For more information, see Relevancy section and SW00498505 in BMC Knowledge Management online documentation.

New web service operation added in BMC Service Desk for managing incidents

The HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service now supports the new Process_Event operation. Using the Process_Event operation, you can create or update an incident, relate an event to an incident, and consolidate related incidents. For more information, see Process_Event in the BMC Service Desk online documentation.

SLM data archiving

BMC Service Level Management version 9.1.00 includes the archiving feature that helps in reducing the size of your production data sets and improves overall system performance. For more information, see Service Level Management data archiving.


This release includes only corrected issues for the following applications:

  • BMC Change Management
  • BMC Asset Management
  • BMC Service Request Management
  • BMC Process Designer 

For more information about the issues that are corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting enhancements

For more information about BMC Remedy Smart Reporting enhancements, see BMC Remedy Smart Reporting for version 9.1.00 enhancements.

BMC IT Service Management Installation and upgrade enhancements

This section links to information in the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite Deployment space about enhancements to the BMC Remedy ITSM installation and upgrade process. The following enhancements were provided:

For detailed information about each enhancement, see BMC Remedy ITSM installation and upgrade 9.1.00 enhancements.

BMC Remedy AR System enhancements

This section links to information in the BMC Remedy AR System space about enhancements in version 9.1.00 of BMC Remedy AR System.

BMC Atrium Core enhancements 

This section links to information in the BMC Atrium Core space about enhancements in version 9.1.00 of BMC Atrium Core product. 

BMC ITSM Process Designer enhancements

With this release, the following improvement has been added to BMC ITSM Process Designer:

  • Hierarchical Groups support – The BMC ITSM Process Designer did have multi-tenancy support for a few forms using the field 112. However, with this release, the multi-tenancy support is also provided for all major forms having Transactional data. This also enables Hierarchical groups support for BMC ITSM Process Designer forms. The hierarchical groups support behavior is similar to and is as used by ITSM. For more information on hierarchical groups support for ITSM, see Hierarchical groups: Using a parent group for permission inheritance. Manual support group assignment is now restricted to the Company the ticket is for.
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