This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

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Verifying successful user onboarding and content import

After you complete the user onboarding and content import processes, verify that all users have been successfully onboarded and content has been imported. Perform this procedure for both single-company and multicompany environments.

To verify successful user onboarding and content import

  1. Verify that there are no error messages in the following log file:
  2. To verify that the customer has been successfully onboarded, log in to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier as follows:
    • Single-company user onboarding—Use the login ID of the BMC Remedy AR System user who has been defined as the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Administrator; for example, Bob.
    • Multicompany user onboarding (one company at a time and bulk)—Log in as the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting super administrator, usually siadmin. 
  3. From the Applications menu, navigate to Smart Reporting > Smart Reporting Console.
    You are directed to the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting console.
  4. On the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting console, navigate to Administration > Admin Console.
  5. From the Administration pane at the right, select Client Organizations.
  6. Verify that a client organization has been created for each company that you onboarded in addition to the default client organization.
    For example, if you onboarded Company A and Company B, client organizations msp.admin_Company A and msp.admin_Company B should have been created.
  7. Click each client organization to view and verify the users that have been onboarded for the corresponding company.
  8. Verify that all out-of-the-box reporting content, such as dashboards and reports, is available.

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