This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using a storyboard

Once you create a storyboard, you can use it for presentation and perform different actions on it. This topic provides the following information:

Using the social collaboration options

Use various social collaboration options available while editing or viewing a storyboard. The following social collaboration options are available from the right menu bar:

  • Comment and Comment Threads—Add comments to a slide, view previous comments, respond to comments and so on. The Storyboard comment options work similarly to the comments on Reports. See Comments for more information.

  • Comments Subscribe—Subscribe to a comment feed. When you subscribe to comments, you get a email notification when other users add comments to slides. The email is sent to the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting inbox.
  • Slide NoteAdd private notes on selected slides during a presentation. When you add a note, a flag appears on the slide. Click the flag to view the note or delete it.

Sharing a storyboard with other users

Distribute or email a storyboard with other users who have access to the storyboard. The Share option from the bottom menu bar is available when you view a storyboard.


The recipients receive a notification in their BMC Remedy Smart Reporting Inbox, from where they can access the storyboard. The storyboard also appears on the timelines of recipients. To distribute a storyboard, add recipients, and optionally enter a message. You can add the storyboard URL in the message, which provides the users a direct method to access the storyboard.

To distribute a storyboard:

  1. Click Share form the bottom menu bar, and then select Distribute option.
  2. Add the recipients and a message, and then click Ok.


Share a storyboard with other users in an email. You can email a storyboard in the PDF format, or send an URL.

To email a storyboard:

  1. Click Share form the bottom menu bar, and then select Email option.
  2. Add recipients and select a format.
  3. (Optional) Change the storyboard name and enter a message.
  4. Click Ok.

Exporting a storyboard

Export a storyboard to PDF format while creating or viewing it. You can also choose to include the comments on the slides in the PDF export.

To export a storyboard while creating or viewing it, click Export from the bottom menu bar.

Making a storyboard favorite

Add the storyboard to your Favorites list on the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting home page. The favorite option is available when you create or view a storyboard.

To mark a storyboard as favorite, click the star next to the storyboard name on the bottom menu bar. To remove a storyboard from the Favorites list, click the star once again. 

Adding report filters

Apply user prompt filters available on a report added to a current slide while creating or viewing a storyboard.

To add report filters, select the Filters option from the left menu bar. For more information, see Report filters.

Viewing version history

View the version history of a storyboard, along with creation date and the number of comments for each version. The Version History option is available only when you view a storyboard.

To view the previous versions, select the Version History option from the left menu bar, and click the version you want to view.

Deleting a storyboard

Delete a storyboard in the following ways:

  • While editing—Select Storyboard > Delete from the top menu bar.
  • While viewing—Select Edit > Delete from the bottom menu bar.

Once deleted, a storyboard is not accessible to other users with whom it was shared.

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